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Help me out. I've got three pre-mastered songs from my upcoming album How New England Was Lost and Where To Find It. I've put all three tracks up on purevolume.com. I need two things from people. 1) give me a good honest opinion on them. 2) which one do you like the best?



Ps. if you've listened to my stuff before and not liked it, try this out, it's like a party for your ears

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21 Days is playing a show at Kings in brooklyn on Valentines Day. Here's all the info:

Venue: Kings
Ages: All
Admission: $8 at door
Time: 7:30pm
Address: 3708 12th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218

That's it, we hope alot of people can come out and see us.

We love fXc, so join dXc. Now.

Into rating communities?

Well, of course you are.

Come and join dullcore, where we like you because you're dull.

All info and rules and questions are on the community info page. Any questions or comments, comment in the community or e-mail me. My e-mail/aim name are on my info page.

<3 DXC!
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The Gloria Record (ex-Mineral, Arena Rock Recordings)
Mono (4 Japanese guys rocking out, Arena Rock Recordings)
The Halo Jump (CT's Best emo/screamo)
Kennesaw (CT indie/post-hardcore)
The Parasprinter (Nintendo Cover Band)
The New Year (MA Screamo pop)
October 24, 2003
North Haven Congregational Church
28 Church St, North Haven, CT

Doors at 6 pm. $8


91 North:

Exit 11 (CT-22E/ Rt 5/ North Haven)
Slight Right onto CT-22
Turn Right onto RT 103/Washington Ave/ Rt 5
RT 103 turns into Church St

91 South:

Exit 12 (Rt 5/Washington Ave)
Left Washington Ave
Straight on Rt 103/Church St.

any question email: rapscallionrecords@hotmail.com
veronica mars

oh man.

the other day john smith imed me.

he said 'i love funcore'
and i told him we loved him.

then he told me he named his mix cd 'funcore/si'

that kicks ass
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